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Despite the increased use of electronic communications and video conferencing, many companies still feel there is no substitute for an actual conference. It allows your employees to interact in person, enjoy a break from their daily routine and generally achieve more than they might by talking on the phone or exchanging emails. Studies show that when employees meet in person, they tend to be more enthusiastic about the topic and often more productive. It also allows many employees to get together who would not normally interact, and a conference can be combined with other team building activities or events. A networking event also allows you and your employees to have some fun, relax and perhaps have time for more informal or enjoyable activities that are not work related.

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At the Centre of Things

There are plenty of places in the UK that are ideal for holding your next conference, although conference centres that are in Birmingham are especially popular. One of the things to look for in a conference venue is easy access for your employees, especially if they are coming from all over the UK, and perhaps from even further afield. Birmingham is at the heart of the country's road and rail network, making it easy to get to and from just about anywhere. The city's NEC has its own train station, and Birmingham Airport offers a direct train link to the station. Birmingham is also less expensive than London and the southeast, not just the cost of hiring a venue, but also accommodation and meals. If your conference is scheduled to last for several days, it's important to have plenty of accommodation nearby and the city has a wide range.

Budget Is Important

Of course, budget is also one of your biggest concerns, as well as a convenient and easy to reach location. Although you want a conference centre that will suit your needs, don't be persuaded to pay for more than you actually need, in terms of facilities and extras. In addition, the size of the place should be chosen carefully, based on the number of attendees you expect. A place that is too big can make the conference or meeting seem impersonal a venue that is too small can mean that everybody is cramped and uncomfortable. Keep in mind that you may have some no shows.

The Right Facilities

After the location and cost, the facilities are probably your biggest concern, and you need to be assured that the chosen venue has everything you might need. Look for state of the art audio-visual equipment, and a generally clean, tidy and well organized facility. If you need catering provided, make sure this will suit your needs and is affordable and of the highest quality. It's highly recommended to check out a potential conference venue in person ahead of time, rather than just relying on the venue's website or user reviews. The extra cost is well worth it, and you can be assured that the venue will allow your company to host an enjoyable and productive conference.